We recorded The Monkey's Paw on Saturday 21 May 2016 in Manchester at St. John the Baptist Church, St. John's Road, Heaton Mersey, SK4 3BR.


Here are excerpts from the recording:

1 Prelude
2 Proud son
3 The wind is cold
4 Sergeant-Major Morris
5 Idols, gold, rot
6 It's nothing
7 If only
8 It moved
9 Comfort and home
10 It was early
11 Your fault
12 Bring him back

Full recording

Here are all the complete tracks. Or download them for offline listening (MP3).

01 Prelude - 'The Day Thou gavest'
02 'Proud son'
03 'Sergeant Major Morris'
04 'Up past the line'
05 'It's nothing'
06 'You've wasted your money'
07 'In Beverley Town'
08 'Mr White
09 'The Day Thou Gavest'
10 'There at the door'


MotherHelen Attisha
FatherTom Guest
Herbert WhitePaul O’Neill
Sergeant-Major MorrisWayne Holt
Mr. BrowningPeter Bowers
ChoirAngie Wilson
Celia McGoldrick
Gillian Oatley
Kate Bouchier
Alison Jenyon
Sarah Jenyon
Sam McVaigh
Pat Massey
Matt Holker


PianoKath Buckley
HarmoniumPete England
ViolinSusan Harris
TimpaniJonathan Gregory
PercussionRachel Nolan


Musical DirectorRichard Townhill
Recording EngineersMatt Holker
Greg Chick